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Leadership ambition and passion for excellence make us always strive to be the best in
the size and quality of our business.  
through continuous development of our performance and diversification of our services
in line with With the desires of our customers to enhance our competitiveness in all the
Therefore, Al-Sinunu United Company maintains its relationship with the surrounding community and maintains its projects.

Cooling and heating devices

Emcool Water Cooling and Heating Appliances
Emcool Water Cooling and Heating Devices Manufactured by Alsinunu United L.L.C  Company
Specially made of the finest materials to resist the surrounding environmental
conditions in order to ensure the high efficiency of the performance of the device
and to operate for a long period of time
Our Emcool device contains a heat exchanger made of stainless steel 316L.3MM
Our equipment is available in accordance with the size of tanks or swimming pools
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solar energy systems

Solar panels are used in many countries around the world as a friendly method
To the environment to produce energy and because it comes from the sun and does not cause any harm to the earth. And if you take a tour
In your area, you may see solar panels installed on the rooftops of homes and commercial buildings.
When the sun is at its highest point in the sky, the rays fall on the panels
The collected energy is converted into electricity. The more solar panels the more
The more solar energy we get, the more solar energy we get. Home or shop can get
50% – 75% of its energy is from solar energy.

Cooling and freezing rooms

We design and equip refrigeration and freezing rooms and warehouses at the highest level

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Al-Sinunu offers high quality central filters suitable for all residential and commercial buildings.  Available in different sizes from 10 inches to 16 inches and filters water at different degrees ranging from 90 to 5 microns  It is also available to suit two ways to adjust the self-washing in terms of time or in terms of water consumption


Al-Sinunu United Company offers the best types of diesel generators

You can buy diesel generators in the Sultanate of Oman or diesel generators in Sudan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, safe with the AL SINUNU United Company. Some diesel generators are small, portable devices used for camping or hobbies to provide small amounts of power for a small number of devices, others use permanent diesel generators that can power an entire house, because industrial diesel generators are more powerful, and are able to maintain the full power of manufacturing facilities Hospitals and office complexes, so with the AL SINUNU United Company, it offers you all kinds of diesel generators for sale and rent that you need anywhere, whether a commercial or residential place..

Metal desks and furniture

The latest modern office designs and furnishings

Metal beds

The latest designs of metal beds that suit all tastes

Various metal stands

Metal stands of various shapes and sizes to meet all your needs

pet supplies

Pamper your pet with our amazing collection

Various metal decorations and artifacts

Make your home tidy with our wide selection

Car parking shades

The latest designs of car parking shades and their implementation to meet your needs


We care about all of our clients’ projects

Our MissionProviding our customers with the latest technologies that
we have reached in this field and the best services with high quality and

reasonable prices

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