solar energy

What is solar energy?
Solar energy, or the so-called solar energy, is the energy emitted from the sun’s rays mainly in the form of heat and light, and it is the product of nuclear reactions inside the star closest to us, which is the sun. This generated energy far exceeds the current energy requirements in the world in general, and if harnessed and exploited appropriately, it could meet all future energy needs.

After starting to use solar energy applications and with its compatibility with modern technology, it was used in homes in several forms, the most famous of which are: outdoor ventilation fans based on the sun. Solar heating of swimming pools by using a special solar heating system. Solar home water heating systems. Solar heating systems for use in home heating. Domestic water pumps by containing small solar panels. Charging batteries by solar energy. Feed the house with electricity via solar panels. Cooking using a solar cooker, which depends on sunlight and solar energy. External lighting, such as lighting in the garden and places away from home electricity, solar panels can be used to provide electricity